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Gabriel Acuña founded Esmeralda Gems in Los Angeles, California, 30 years ago to follow his passion searching for some of the world’s most perfect emeralds.  He comes from a long family tradition of sourcing and selling Colombia’s finest emeralds.  Growing up learning about emeralds and other precious gems, it wasn’t long before Gabriel developed an eye for quality.  He added to his knowledge of gems by completing a Graduate Gemology degree at the Gemological Institute of America.

In addition to the office in Los Angeles, Esmeralda Gems has a strong presence in Asia and Europe, regularly visiting tradeshows and private clients.

Today, he continues to work closely with miners and suppliers in Colombia to make sure he acquires only the finest emeralds which meet his high standards of quality and uniqueness.  That drive for quality is what makes Esmeralda Gems some of the most sought after emeralds in the world.  Customers come from all corners of the globe.  They recognize the beauty of Esmeralda Gems, and so it’s not surprising that some of the emeralds end up on the red carpet and in exclusive collections.

In addition to fine loose emeralds, Esmeralda Gems offers a selection of elegant emerald jewelry pieces.  All Esmeralda Gems jewelry pieces are elegantly and stylishly handcrafted by some of the finest jewelry manufacturers in the US.  All pieces are set in either 18kt gold or platinum and are guaranteed to be a truly one of a kind piece.  Gabriel is happy to work directly with you to help develop your own vision for your dream emerald jewelry.  


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